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A- Abstract

1.Revenue Functions.
2. Magisterial Functions.
3. Maintenance of public Order and Security.
4. Administration of Jails.
5. Control of fire Arms.
6. State Secret Matters.
7. Political and Confidential Functions.
8. Treasury and Stamp.
9. Anti- Corruption.
10. Mass Mobilisation.
11. Licence and Certificates.
12. Waqf, Debotter and Trusts.
13. Land Acquisition.
14. Press and Publications.
15. Election Matters.
16. Border.
17. Census.
18. Relief and Rehabilitation.
19. Food.
20. Ansar and V.D.P.
21. Civil Defence.
22. Labour.
23. Social Welfare.
24. Family Planning.
25. pension Matters.
26. Protocol.
27. Transport and Traffic Matters.
28. Transport pool.
29. Education and Conduct of Public Examinations.
30. Public Amusement.
31. Minority Matters.
32. Inter-Agency Matters.
33. D.Cs Estblishment.
34. Training function.
35. Public Complaints and Enquiries.
36. Functions relating to Local Government Institutions.
37. Residual executive and development duties.
Revenue Functions
i. Control and supervision of revenue offices and function naries in the district.
ii. Collection of land revenue and other Government dues including remission and abatement of rent.
iii. Maintenance of record of rights.
iv. Setttlement of khas land and other Government properties.
v. Requisition and acquisition of land.
vi. Recovery of publice demands.
vii. Hearing of appeals in certain revenue cases.
viii. Inspection of revenue offces.
ix. Revenue complaints and inquiries.
x. Administration and development of hats and bazars.
xi. Administration of Sairat Mahals.
xii. Administration of vested, non-resident and abandoned properties including District Management Boards for land, building, industrial and others commercial farms.
xiii. Record Room.
xiv. Supply of copies of public documents.
xv. Exchange properties.
xvi. Civil suits.
xvii. Stamps.
viii. Boundary disputes between two or more districts.
xix. Survey and Settlement.
xx. Creation of new Tahsils.
xxi. Maintenance and repairs of revenue offices in the district.
xxii. Submission of reports, returns to the Government.
xxiii. Submission of Accounts to the Government.
xxiv. Recovery of possession of Khas land.
xxv. Forest settlement matters.
xxvi. Holding of District Revenue Conferences.
2.- Magisterial Functions
i. Control and supervision of the magistrates in the district.
ii. Cases udder section 528 Cr. P.C.
iii. Transfer of cases to the courts of ADMs.
iv. Vesting of powers to the Magistrates.
v. Inspection of courts.
vi. General supervision and control over the police in matters of criminal justice to the Government.
vii. Inspection of police stations.
viii. Submission of reports and returns regarding administration of criminal justice in the district.
ix. Committees on administration of criminal justice in the district.
3.- Maintenance of public order and security
i. Maintenance of public order in the events of riot hartal, public examination, communal and political tension, labour troubles and to meet other emergencies.
ii. Issue of preventiv orders under section 144 Cr. P. C. for maintenance of peace and order when there is apprehension of breach of peace between parties.
iii. Control of goonda elements, touts and cattle-lifters etc.
iv. Preventive detention under Special Powers Act, 1974.
v. Recovery of possession of Government lands and buildings.
vi. Functioning of the District Review Committee.
4.- Administration of Jails
i. Granting of Divisions to the under trial prisoners and convicts.
ii. Processing the case for appointment of non-official jail visitors.
iii. Functioning of District Review Committee.
5.- Control of fire Arms
i. Administration of the Arms Act.
ii. Granting of licences of various fire arms.
iii. Renewal of the licences.
iv. Verification and cancellation of licences.
6.-State Secret Matters
i. Administration of war book.
ii. Supervision of KPIs and Vital Installations.
iii. Maintenance of Cypher Code.
7.- Political and Confidential functions
i. Submission of fortnightly confidential reports to the Government on political and related matters of the district.
ii. Submission of any special political information to the Government.
8.- Treasury and Stamp
i. Management and supervision of the functioning of the Treasury.
ii. Administration of Stamp Laws.
iii.Granting of Vendors Licence.
9.- Anti-Corruption
i.Taking measures in respect of corruption cases from public complaints.
ii. Statutory function of reviw, sanction of prosecution and recommendation to Government in respect of anti- corruption cases.
iii. Meetings of District Anti-Corruption Committee.
10.- Mass Mobilisation
i. Arrangement of public meetings.
ii. Mobilisation for attendance in public meetings of VVIPs.
iii. Execution of development projects through mass mobilisation.
iv. Motivation hf pe ple. in connection with launching of new and special programmes of the the Government like Matir Dak, Swanirvar, Model Village etc.
11.- Licence and Certificates
i. Granting of Trade Licences for consumer items like C I. Sheet, Cement, Cigarette, Gold, Baby food, Iron and Steel, etc.
ii. Licences for poison, explosive substances, narcotics and Liquor, money-lending, etc.
iii. Stamp Vendor’s licence.
iv. Foodgrain licence.
v. Granting of domicile certificates.
vi. Granting of `NOC’ required by various agencies.
vii. Licence under Sarai Act.
12.-Waqf, Debotter and Trusts.
i. Administration of Waqf and debotter properties.
ii. Recommendation in respect of appointment of Mutawallies and Sebaits,.
iii. Administration of Trusts like Mohsin Fund, Comilla Foundation of Orphanages.
13.- Land Acquisition
i. Functioning of the District Land Allocation Committee.
ii. Functioning of the District site Selection Committee.
iii. Requisition and acquisition of land, building etc. for public purposes.
iv. Payment of compensation money for land acquired by the Government.
14.-Press and Publications
i. Authentication and declaration of newspapers, periodicals and printing presses.
ii. Cancellation of Declaration.
15.- Election Matters
i. Delimitation and determination of constituencies.
ii.Arrangement for holding national elections.
iii.Conduct of election of the local bodies.
vi.Collection, compilation and transmission of election results.
v. Submission of elections reports and election accounts.
16.- Border
i. Supervision of border belt, including inspection of and visit to check posts and BOPs.
ii. Maintenance of international demarcation pillars.
iii. Surveillance against criminals and smugglers from across borders.
iv. Organising anti-smuggling drives in the border.
v. Meetings of District Anti-smuggling Committee and review of Upazila level Anti-smuggling Committees.
17.- Census
i. Making arrangements for holding of population census.
ii. Making arrangement for holding of agricultural census.
18.- Relief and Rehabilitation
i. Disaster relief during natural calamities as provided by Famine Code and Relief Code.
ii. Rehabilitation of affected people.
iii. Test Relief Operations.
iv. F.F.W. Programme.
i. Procurement of Foodgrains and sanction of TPCs and Appointment of A.G.Ds.
ii. Arrangement of storage facilities.
iii. Open market operation during economic hardship.
iv. Foodgrain Licences.
20.- Ansar and V.D.P.
i. Administration of Ansar and V.D.P. matters as District Commandant.
ii. Embodiment of Ansars for Law and Order duties and guarding KPIs.
iii. Supervision of training and rallies.
21.- Civil Defence
i. Civil Defence control Room in state emergencies.
ii. Maintenance of warden posts for peace time  duties..
iii. Organising Training and Civil Defence Week/ Demonstration.
i. Control and settlement of labour dispute
ii. Preventive measures against breach of the peace among labourers in the industrial and other establishments.
23.- Social Welfare
i. To act as chairman of UCD Programme.
ii. To act as Chairman of District Orphan Admission Committee.
24.-Family Planning
i. Functioning of District F.P.Board.
ii. Administration of M.C.H. Centres as its Chairman.
iii. Organising Motivational Drives.
iv. Construction of Family Welfare Centres.
25.- Pension Matters
i. Preparation of pension papers of the retired employees.
ii. Processing of commutation cases.
iii. Processing of cases under benevolent fund and group insurance for the deceased employees.
26. Protocol
i Making local arrangements for tour of VVIPs/VIPs.
ii. Reception, security, accommodation, transport and food for the VVIPs/VIPs.
iii. Escorting the VVIPs during tour within the district.
iv. Organising meetings of the VVIPs/VIPs.

27.- Transport and Traffic Matters
i. Regulation of public transports.
ii. Functioning of Regional Transport Authority (RTA).
iii. Holding of Mobile Courts.
iv. Holding of Traffic Weeks.
v. Requisition of transports for public purposes.
vi. Rationing of POL during emergency.
28.-Transport Pool
i. Maintenance of vehicles placed in the District pool.
ii. Allotment of vehicles to different offices on requisition.
iii. Providing transport to other agencies in case of emergency.
29. Education and conduct of public Examinations
i. Management of College. Governing Bodies as provided in the University Codes.
ii. Management of School Management Committees as per Bengal Education Code.
iii. Conduct of various public examinations.
iv. Maintenance of law and order in and public examination centres.
v. Control of unfair means in public examinations.
vi. Matters relating to mass literacy and adult education.
vii Execution of schemes for construction of primary schools undertaken by the Government.
viii. Improvement of aided secondary schools.
ix. Organisation of sports and cultural activities at various levels in the district, including shilpi pool.
x. Inspections of educational institutions.
30- Public Amusement
i. Granting of licences under Cinematograph Act.
ii. Inspection of places of amusement.
iii. Checking of evasion of amusement taxes.
iv. Granting of permission for holding exhibitions. fairs, jatras,dramatical performance under places of public Amusement Act.
31.- Minority Matters
i. Implementation of Government policies.
ii. General Welfare of the minorities.
iii. Minority Boards.
i. Meeting of various Committees (around 40 in numbers) set up by the Government like:
1. District site selection Committee.
2. District steering Committee for F.F.W.
3. District Family Planning Committee.
4. District Accommodation Board.
33.- D.C’s Establishment
i. Appointment, transfer, posting of the Class- III and Class-IV employees and disciplinary action against them.
ii. Submission district budgets/ revised budgets and estimates.
iii. Writing of ACRs of officers.
iv. Distribution of work among the officers.
v. Maintenance and upkeep of the Circuit House.
vi Collectorate Welfare activities.
vii. Attending the audit objections.
34.-Training Functions
i. Training of all probationers of BCS (A:A).
ii. Making arrangements for STI training.
iii. Attachment of trainees of different Training Institution.
35. Public Complaints and Enquiries
i. Receipt and hearing of various complaints made by the members of the public.
ii. Holding of enquiries referred to by the Government and submission of reports.
iii.Settlement of disputes.
36. Functions relating to local Government Institutions
i. Monitoring and evaluation of the activities of the Local Government Institutions.
ii. Inspection of various offices of the Local Bodies.
37.- Residual executive and development duties.
i. Executive duties not assigned to any department.
ii. Development duties not assigned to any department.